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Screen Rooms
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Screen Rooms

Screen rooms add the enjoyment of the outdoors without the annoyance of mosquito's or other pests that would ruin Small Screen Roomsthe enjoyment of your patio.

Screen rooms can be connected to your house in several different ways. The most popular way of attaching a screen room to a house would be straight to the fascia. By attaching your screen room to the fascia of your home it allows your screen room to start higher than some of the other attachment opportunities.

Another way to attach your screen room is under the soffit or house mount. Attaching your screen room with the house mount style has its pros and cons as well. Unlike the fascia mount way, your screen room roof is now covering your soffit and it keeps the heat form flowing from your attic into your screen room, however, in most cases it takes at least 6 inches of height out of your screen room which makes it very tough to hang a ceiling fan in a shorter screen room.

The best way to attach your screen room is by cutting your truss tails back off of your house and attaching your screen room flush as high as possible. When attaching your screen room in this form it can get pricey but it is most certainly the best way to do so.

Other forms of screen rooms are pool enclosures, lanais, and screen inserts (please see each of the respected pages for those items.)

Screen inserts are another type of screen room which is installed under a trussed roof on your home. Basically if you have a porch already and you do not need an aluminum roof installed we can install your screen room to your existing porch.Custom Screen Rooms

There are many style roofs you can put on your screen room. The styles vary from gable to hip, pan roof to walk on roof, or even a screen roof. Please contact your Ed Senez Aluminum approved company representative for the best screen room for your needs.

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